TEDxUtrecht 2014

Other / Utrecht
17 April 2014, 9am - 6pm

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Lucasbolwerk 24, 3512 EJ
€: 80 (by invite only)

TEDxUtrecht will feature a series of lectures by inspiring individuals who will discuss how they chose their own rules instead of conforming to established norms. 

What is TEDx?

TEDx are independently programmed events in the spirit of the TED global conference series.

TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design" and the conferences address a range of topics about the intersections of technology, society, science and culture. 

A hallmark of the TED series is that the speakers have just 18 minutes to deliver their message in the most effective and engaging way possible. 

TEDx builds on this structure and allows independent organisers to select speakers and themes to take place in cities around the globe using the TED format. 


tedxutrecht 2014
Thumb photo by Flickr user TEDxUtrecht

Extremely popular, the resulting lectures are posted free online and the TEDx library currently consists of more than 30.000 films from over 130 countries.


For this edition of TEDx, speakers will discuss how they have chosen their own path and did not conform, but rather created their own opportunities and rules. 

Featured Speakers

Bas Welling | Co-founder of Wefilm
Roland van der Vorst | Entrepreneur and author
Ellis Bartholomeus | Applied game consultant
Andrew Keen | CNN columnist and author
Willemijn Verloop | Founder of WarChild & Social Enterprise NL
And many more!


Tickets are by invite only; request a ticket by registering here.
Watch clips of TEDxUtrecht 2012 here

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